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CS:GO's new R8 Revolver effectively kills eco rounds
Valve just released the Winter Update for CS:GO. You can find the full patch notes here. Before we dive into any sort of analysis I want to say that I think it's a good thing that they frequently update the game and try out new ideas. That way we avoid a static meta-game. However, Valve tends to change the game too much with each update and this one is no exception.

R8 Revolver
The newest addition to the arsenal is a high caliber revolver that's almost as powerful as the AWP and with longer accurate range than the AK47. With this gun, Valve effectively removed the value of eco rounds. Even if you don't win the round, chances are you will damage your opponent s economy severely. At the moment the price tag is set to $850, which means you can't buy it on pistol rounds. Other than this, the only downside of the R8 Revolver is the low rate of fire and the length of the trigger-pulls. At close and medium range the R8 is a one-shot kill to the chest against a fully armored enemy. Combined with a grenade, you can one-shot players even if you hit the arm:
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Source 2 Tools išbandyti Dota 2 atnaujinime
Dota 2 Workshop update yra dar įspudingesnis negu atrodo. Nauji "tools" visą tai perkelią į "the next generation of Valve's Source engine". Nejaugi ateitije, dota 2 galėsime žaisti "de_dust" žemėlapije?
Steam client beta
Steam client beta atnaujinimas leidžia paslėpti žaidimus iš library kurių tikriausiai gėdą. Žaidimai niekur nedings, tik jų nebus galima pamatyti library.


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